International projects and programs

Canada: Hosting Public Dialogues on Racism

In 2019-2020 volgde ik de leergang The Art of Public Dialogue: Hosting conversations about Race & Identity in Toronto, Canada. De groep bestond uit veel Canadese beleidsmakers en professionals uit het onderwijs en gezondheidszorg. Ook in Canada is er nog veel werk te verzetten als het gaat om inclusie op de werkvloer en het bespreekbaar maken van discriminatie en racisme.

Stockholm: Global Strategic Review

What is our core business in a world constantly changing? And how to bring back hope when there is deep distrust about anything changing soon?

An international aid effectiveness platform asked me to prepare and facilitate a 4 day Strategic Review Workshop in Stockholm (fall 2019) where 30 senior leaders and social activists from 22 countries gathered.


Facilitation in Translation.

At the end of 4 days of intens work in Stockholm with 30 social activist leaders from 22 countries on development effectiveness. All world issues were in the room as we were finding common ground on how to adapt to emerging global and local changes and challenges. It was a touching process of navigating between hope and despair, urgency and reflection, structure and culture, history and future... ‘We’re now in a fluid state’, a participant reflected. Thank you Noemí for the amazing teamwork and Andrew Smith for supervision. And huge gratitude to Arnold Mindell Amy Mindell for bringing process work and deep democracy in the world...

Portland: 5 weeks dive in the foundations of Deep Democracy

Throughout the five weeks, classes focus on basic applications of Processwork, and afternoon classes help participants to further their understanding of the material by focusing on theory, inner work, group process, and skills training. The Intensive course offers a comprehensive beginning training in essential Processwork philosophy, skills, and metaskills and includes topics such as dream work, body work, relationship work, inner work, large group work, and working with non-ordinary states of consciousness and addictions. Processwork is an awareness practice that follows nature and the unique expression of what is trying to happen. It is an innovative approach to individual and collective change, which brings psychology, spirituality, social activism, and creative expression together into a single paradigm. Processwork was developed in the 1970s and 80s by Dr. Arnold Mindell. 

Athens: Bridging us versus them

Discover Kolonos! Een arme wijk in Athene met veel verdeeldheid tussen oude bewoners en nieuwkomers. Daar hebben we in 2018 een Go Deep community building spel gedaan met bewoners van de verschillende achtergronden.  

Spain: Community building with diversity and abundance

Transforming a desolated park into a fun park for children and their parents in one weekend. With €0,- budget and maximum community participation, the community of Collado Mediano (near Madrid) made it happen! This community building program in 2017 led to new connections and the discovery of the abundance of talents and recourses.