Facilitating Transformation

‘If there is no feeling, there is no transformation. Feelings are not marginal to the story: they are the story!’ - Shakil Choudhury, author of ‘Deep Diversity: overcoming Us vs. Them’

Advice & coaching

I help you to identify the critical requirements and steps to take in order to address conflict, stuck collaboration and resistance in your context. 


Program design 

I design a tailor made program to take the first steps in the desired change. 


Program & group facilitation

I (co-)facilitate the group work and preparation sessions with those involved.  


Helping 30 international activists review their collaboration

What is our core business in a world constantly changing? And how to bring back hope when there is deep distrust about anything changing soon?

An international aid effectiveness platform asked me to prepare and facilitate a 4 day Strategic Review Workshop in Stockholm (fall 2019) where 30 senior leaders and social activists from 22 countries gathered.


Facilitation in Translation.

At the end of 4 days of intens work in Stockholm with 30 social activist leaders from 22 countries on development effectiveness. All world issues were in the room as we were finding common ground on how to adapt to emerging global and local changes and challenges. It was a touching process of navigating between hope and despair, urgency and reflection, structure and culture, history and future... ‘We’re now in a fluid state’, a participant reflected. Thank you Noemí for the amazing teamwork and Andrew Smith for supervision. And huge gratitude to Arnold Mindell Amy Mindell for bringing process work and deep democracy in the world...

Convening different worlds & perspectives


First principle in my work is the notion that I try to hold a beginners-mind. Meaning: an openness and awareness to teaching by fellow human beings, never mind the status or role someone holds. I try to be curious towards new and other ways of talking, working and deciding. Together we build the proces and the result. 

Holding space

Holding space for the wisdom, feelings and potential of the group is an important principle in my facilitation work. Building a space where people feel free to express themselves, make meaningful relationships and create trust to disagree and discus. 

Deep Listening

Deep listening is a way to find empathy and understanding for the perceptions of others. Listening to someone's story without judgement can be very powerful and depolarizing. Deep listening is where respect and trust comes from. 

'If you don't listen to someone, it’s telling them they don’t exist' - Uzodinma Iweala (CEO, The Africa Center)